Consulting and Data Analytics

According to Gartner, 60% of all big data projects fail. Fortune Knowledge Group increased this figure to 85%, as reported by Gartner this was likely due to Executives trusting their gut rather than the data. It is imperative to get Executive and stakeholder buy in to promote success.

In order to combat this possibility. We have two very important steps that each of our engagements: Assessment and Scope of Work.

The Assessment:

      1. Every engagement we begin...must begin with an Assessment. That assessment will have a money-back guarantee. Our assessment will give you clear line of site to a solution.
      2. We would interview each stakeholder, including Executives, to allow is to create a solution that fits everyone.
      3. Our assessment will cost real dollars and that cost will be dictated by the complexity of your need.

The Scope of Work:

      1. defines how a project will be executed through specific tasks, activities, deliverables, and timelines.
      2. align your company’s interest with our's.
      3. contains clear terms, agreements, and processes to protect you.

Some excellent engagements to contact us about:

      • Freight Assessment
      • Vendor Consolidation
      • Contract Assessment
      • Process Assessment

We look forward to talking with you when you are ready. We promise to give you our utmost attention so that we may decide to move forward as partners or possible even recommend another step in your journey.